In-ground & Above-ground Hard Asset Monetisation

This is an opportunity to place hard assets into trade.  

Historically, funders have not been able to monetise hard assets due to their illiquid nature. 

Therefore, in order to obtain the required liquidity from hard assets, we have introduced additional steps to ensure that these assets can be placed into trade, via the issuance of a Corporate Promissory Note (CPN), or in some cases, a Safe Keeping Receipt (SKR) may be suitable.

The asset owner will maintain control and ownership of their asset.

The hard asset owner is very much part of the transaction from beginning to the end.

This strategy has proven to be very successful in allowing owners of hard assets to generate income and still maintain control of their assets, all within a fully transparency environment.

THE CPN or the SKR must have a minimum value of USD 150 million.

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