Our Team:

Danny A. Ammavuta

Director & Founder

Danny has over 27 years in Australia and Asia in financial markets, risk management, corporate consulting, debt & equity capital raisings, and property development.

Danny was involved in property development specializing in high-density residential developments in Melbourne. He is responsible for business strategy, project selection, financial modelling, and raising capital from private equity firms, high net worth individuals and private debt firms.

Prior to property development, Danny founded an equity trading company, where he was issued the Australian Financial Services License by the Australian regulator (ASIC) in 2001. As Director and Responsible Officer, he oversaw compliance, corporate governance and advising high net worth individuals, superannuation funds and corporate clients on their equity portfolios.

Danny nominated Nova Castle to be a member of Conscious Capitalism Australia & New Zealand, to understand and keep apprised on new approaches in delivering sustainable and inclusive approaches to business management that has a positive impact to communities and the environment. 

Danny holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Finance) from Deakin University in Melbourne. Danny’s role is to provide business strategy, maintain environmental compliance protocols and indicatives, planning, property sourcing, development feasibilities, development progress management, and project management, and to maintain financial reporting as required by accountants. Appointment of consultants will be required to assist in some of these functions.

Danny is also a volunteer at St. Mary House of Welcome, a non-profit charity providing meals and other related services to the homeless in Fitzroy, an inner-city suburb of Melbourne.

Stephen Mansour

Non Executive Director & Legal Counsel

Stephen is the principal of Mansour Lawyers and has been a commercial litigator for over 10 years.  With a focus on Insolvency and Restructure, Stephen enjoys the challenges presented by complex litigation, while always looking for opportunities for the best commercial outcome or resolution for his clients.

Stephen has also achieved significant success for clients in commercial and financial transactions together with large corporate restructures for national companies, smaller companies, and individuals.

Stephen holds a Bachelor of Law from Monash University in Melbourne.

Stephan’s role is to provide legal advice on corporate structure, contracts and agreements, conveyancing, and general legal advice.

Steve McGrath

Development Manager

Steve has over 30 years’ experience in property design, project management, investment, and construction in residential and commercial property developments.

Steve’s role is to appoint consultants and manage the application process for development and planning permits, project management, appoint maintenance teams, and assist in providing financial information.

Brian Joffe

Head of Property Procurement & Sales

Brian has over 35 years experience in the finance and property sectors, in Australia, South Africa and Singapore.

Brian has been involved in raising capital (debt and equity) for various listed and unlisted companies in sectors such as, property, alternative equity, technology, and food retail. In addition, he assisted in setting up BOS Stockbroking (later SHAW Stockbroking) in Melbourne, where he was an equity advisor for high-net-worth individuals, superannuation funds and corporates.

Brian has a detailed knowledge of deal negotiation, investor relations, business planning, corporate and investment advisory services, and revenue and profit enhancement strategies for numerous SMEs in a variety of industries.

Brian has established and maintained a very influential clientele consisting of high and ultra‐high net worth investors, some of whom are among the BRW Top 200 wealthiest Australians.

Brian has a history of committing to philanthropy and helping underprivileged groups in Melbourne. He believes that philanthropy can work symbiotically with corporates for the greater good of both. 

Brian will be responsible sourcing suitable development sites via his extensive network, prepare marketing material, manage selling agents, and directly sell property to buyers via various industry websites.

 Brian has a Bachelor in Economics from the University of Cape Town, in South Africa.

Anoria Mansour

Special Legal Counsel

Anoria is special counsel for Masnsour Lawyers and advises on a large range of commercial matters, including corporate share and trust related transactions, business purchases and sales, commercial and retail leasing and in the financial services sector.

Anoria has also acts for large national and multi-national companies on a wide variety of commercial matters and transactions.

Anoria holds a Bachelor of Law from La Trobe University in Melbourne.

As a legal counsel, Anoria’s role is to provide legal advice on contracts and agreements and general legal advice. 

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