Retirement Living Fund

Nova Castle Pepperfield Retirement Living Fund

The Nova Castle Pepperfield Retirement Living Fund has been established to develop, own and operate retirement living assets primarily held in NSW and Victoria.

Strong demand and industry fundamentals will ensure that the retirement living sector will continue to see substantial growth, especially for professional and reputable operators. An expected 5 million Austrians will be over the age of 70 by 2051 resulting in a shortage of more than 280,000 suitable beds.

The current asset has been built to a very high standard with further development upside from the remaining stages. In addition, comparable sites will be sort to increase the number of Independent Living Units to be held by the Nova Castle Pepperfield Retirement Living Fund.

A pre-IPO capital raise is now being offered to sophisticated investors and an Information Memorandum is available.

Please contact Nova Castle if you wish to discuss any of the above mentioned.

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Collectively, the investment and management team of Nova Castle have over 70 years experience in the property and financial markets.

PO Box 326, Ormond Vic 3204
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